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For the past 15 years East Village artist, Donna Goldman,”D” has broadcast the hysterical Recipes 4 Survival from her postage stamp sized apartment.

After decades in the Rock n Roll touring industry where your every whim is catered to, “I never felt satiated. I wanted to share my passion that cooking for ones self is a very empowering skill.” We all know the benefits of a physical work out. I see cooking as a mindful workout, a meditation to exercise our brain, which we all know is helpful & healthy, so I developed & hosted, Recipe$ 4 Survival, Utilitarian Cooking & Much More… The show debuted on MNN, (Manhattan’s Neighborhood Network) in April ’97.  It didn’t take long before dozens of viewers were calling in to comment on the shows. D was often recognized at music events, art galleries, downtown restaurants and once by a cab driver – due in part to her distinctive voice. The show maintained an unprecedented prime time slot for over 2 years earning its cult classic status for the network & recognition for herself.  Fans from all over love her message:  Cook more, spend less, feel better, live mindfully.

A graduate of Syracuse University’s, Crouse College with a BFA in Aesthetics & Art History D’s approach to just about anything is downright ‘Tasteful’.  After launching Recipe$ 4 $urvival  Donna graduated from The Natural Gourmet and quickly found herself  ‘working the line’ at Andre’ Balazs’ Sunset Beach on NY’s Shelter Island under the tutelage of  Chef Terry Harwood. “Working with locally farmed produce, prepared with mindful attention to straight forward cooking techniques which heightened the natural flavors of the ingredients was truly inspirational to me.” After the crash course at Sunset Beach, D worked as a private chef for clients in their homes on land or offshore where her love and passion for sailing became an added ingredient in her culinary skill set.


D is at the stove and in front of the camera again, bringing Recipes 4 Survival to various digital platforms including the much anticipated audio memoir & recipes. Her dishes and tales are inspired by the colorful, vibrant energy of daily life in The Big Apple and told with the cutting edge eye of a rock n’ roll production veteran. She approaches each recipe economically and efficiently while continuing to share and prove her message that if you cook more and spend less, you will feel better.



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