The DVine Line ______ ConDiments with Integrity

Salt of D Earth is prepared and packaged with the intention that it will be your ‘Ol Faithful’, Secret in a bottle, ingredient of joy that you’ll use. It is not precious, even if you use it as a flourished pinch before serving a dish.

Each blend incorporates the finest regional quality ingredients planet earth has to offer.

Salt of D Earth is versatile, robust yet refined. It’s all one will need in their kitchen & on their table.

Prices vary. Quantities – limitless

The Blends

IMG_7873The Fall Equinox blend – I’d have to say this is probably our most versatile blend. High camphorous herbal notes of thyme, bay leaf & rosemary are perfectly balanced and grounded with sage, pink & green peppercorns and 3 very different sea salts. Wonderful on fish, meat & poultry, grains, eggs, starches & salads. What can I say – It’s a real crowd-pleaser.

IMG_7877The RhODy blend – Our robust and brawny blend.  Made with various sea salts, pepper mixtures, ground mustard seed, smoked paprika & Mediterranean herbs. Really great for grilling & bar-b-que rubs.

IMG_7872DLite – Our lightest blend which highlights and elevates the natural flavors of the ingredients you’re cooking with. Made by blending various sea & pink Himalayan salts, toasted dulse & wakame or kombu. The aroma alone will transport you to a craggy New England coast line. Perfect for Salt Crusted baked fish.  Great on beans, grains, & salads.

The Snow Moon Blend –  Very grounding for the winter months with some brightness. Made with Celtic grey, Kosher & Maine salt, parsley, sage, bay leaf, thyme, mint, mustard powder & smoked paprika.


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