Jun 172017

This is the 2nd apple I found on the street this week. I found the first one on East Houston street outside of Whole Foods – understandable, not that this one isn’t either. I found this second apple on my way back from the Union Square Farmers Market where I had picked up better than 2 pounds of all organic, just dug out of the ground russet potatoes, because they looked like they’d be so yummy. Right then & there I knew I’d be making a pan sized potato pancake with a 4-5 minute egg or two for my lunch that afternoon.

When I found the 2nd apple under a bench in one of the East Village’s community housing development it too was of the Delicious genius or species of apple, for me an inedible lot. Because I can’t eat a Delicious apple the first apple I found was still rolling around in the bowl at the end of my kitchen table. I’ll spare you the list of modifiers I have for a bad apple.  What I could certainly do is to make a fine apple & onion marmalade which would be a wonderful topping for my Sunday morning pan sized potato pancake for breakfast.


2 Apples – peeled, cored/Dseeded, and cut into chunks

1 Onion – medium dice

I cooked the chunks down with a jolt of pineapple juice, because I have it, Pinot Grigio & a splash of white balsamic. Most people will definitely add sugar. I don’t. That’s about that folks.

For the potato pancake, I simply grated 2 good sized russet potatoes & tossed in half an onion I diced I had in the fridge. I salted the grated potatoes & onion well, stirred it well & let it sit in the fridge for about 20 minutes.  Friday afternoon I had one pan sized potato pancake w/two soft-medium boiled eggs. I’m going to make the apple onion marmalade now for my breakfast tomorrow.

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Sep 172016
Trout Salad

Trout Salad and apple

Trout salad and apple

Trout salad and apple







I know you’re thinking, this girl just can’t make up her mind but this is one of my all time favorite meals: steamed sushi rice, a tin of smoked trout & apple. I’m also pushed & pulled as to whether to grate the apple or not. If you’re not into eating your food D.constructed, you’ll definitely you’d need a fork. I tend to eat with sticks so I break everything up & grate the apple. Of course I completely forgot to include a fork in the first snap here but believed me, I ate this right up, in one afternoon. Two servings.

Trader Joe’s has a nice quality tinned smoked trout at a reasonable enough price. All of their tinned fish is fine but I only eat the double double layered sardines by King Oscar. Jana Gold and or Gala are a good apples to look for when you can’t find Honeycrisp or Crispin which can also be called Mutsu

I garnish the ‘bowl’ with Tamari & Gamasio I make my self by grinding sesame seeds & sea salt in a mortar & pestle.

Gotta run & meet this gorgeous day.



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