Mar 062017
indian pudding

Indian Pudding is served

Last week after trying, trying being the operative word, to download a batch of pics from my camera’s chip into my computer, my computer wasn’t havin’ it. I’ll spare you the gory details lest I share that it took over a week, 3 calls w/techs before I got onto a ‘Senior apple adviser’ who I had 3 sessions with before my -puter was back & running. His analogy for my computer’s ailment was to that of a computer getting a flat tire. Additionally the don has me completely crazy with the go ahead for the DAPL & now the exclusion of his designated enemies of the people, media organizations from press briefings.

I was so paralyzed by all this I was rendered useless, unable to do a simple edit here to have my clam chowder piece be at the top of my blog page & share that info w/friends, something I do every National Clam Chowder Day, February, 25th

The scant pint of milk that needed to be used in my fridge compelled the cooking antics I got into, with nothing I made relating to each other. eI knew cooking would do me good and tho I did not have it in me to make clam chowder but my cooking what spurred all this cooking on was .

Instead, Saturday afternoon I, meticulously salad sliced a red onion & prepped up a wrinkly piece of ginger into beautiful fine slices and got them into a sweet pickle brine I’ve nursed and coddled for quite some time. I also whipped up a rich tomato sauce because I had the opened can of tomato paste from the papa al pomodoro, half a large onion and a jar of fresh garlic confit & infused oil but

First I thought I was going to make a vodka, creme tomato sauce but that seemed dumb once I remembered it was Nat’l clam chowder day and even tho I wasn’t going to delve into my ailing computer to bring my chowder entry to the top of the blog & make mention of it on facebk – again because I’m so torn about my benign work & the horrific actions of the POS spinster mouth and his henchmen

Right, wow so because I was in an Ocean State of mind, thinking about Nat’l chowder day I got the ingenious idea to make Indian pudding!  I love reading the history of it even though I’d made & read about Indian Pudding before but for some reason I never posted about that.

All the ingredients are basic staples so with out further ado, my version on the fly for a cold weather treat:

Making it my own, I halved the recipe I worked from

1.5 Cups milk

1/4 C corn meal

1/4 C Turbinado sugar, light brown sugar is called for

1/4 C molasses

a pinch of salt

1t  ground cinnamon
1/2 a grated nutmeg
1t – ginger – pealed & finely minced. Ground can certainly be used but I’d use less then the fresh
2 large eggs
2 T unsalted butter, cut into 2 pads

Bring the oven to 275 degrees F.  Lightly grease a 6- or 8-cup soufflé or baking dish with butter.

In a medium-sized sauce pot scald the milk over a medium-low heat. The trick I recently learned is to look for steam vs looking for bubbles along the edge of the pot. I find once I see bubbles, the milk is too hot.

The recipe I worked from calls for cream to be poured into a into a lg mixing bowl to which the cornmeal, sugar, molasses, salt, and the spices, cloves is commonly called for in an Indian pudding. What I did was warm/scald about a cup of milk and the rest is what I mixed the dry ingredients into. Then add this cream/corn meal/spice mixture to the scalded milk.  Cook, whisking constantly, over medium-low heat until the pudding has thickened to the consistency of syrup (about 5 minutes).  Remove from heat.

In a bowl, beat eggs with a whisk.  Temper the eggs by adding 1/2 to 1/4 C of the hot cornmeal mixture to the eggs while whisking rapidly.  Vigorously whisk the egg mixture into the remaining cornmeal mixture.  Add butter, one piece at a time, stirring until melted.

Pour the ‘batter’ mixture into the prepared baking dish or ramekins and place dish into a vain-de-marie = water bath. Pour enough water into the shallow baking dish to come at least half way up the side of the of the baking dish.

This is a pretty low temperature and the full ingredient recipe says to bake over 2 hours. Because I halved the recipe I baked it for about and hour checked it, turned the heat off then let it go another 10 – 15 mins A tester inserted close to (but not in) the center should come out clean.

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream or heavy cream.

The yield is about 6 healthy servings.

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Feb 062017

I came across a picture of Pappa al Pomodoro on instagram about a month ago and it’s been branded in my mind since.

Only a few ingredients were noted in the brief instagram post that went into the dish 1. unsalted Tuscan bread 2. a particular tomato paste da/from Italy, some basil, fantastic green olive oil & oh strips of Parmesan that appeared semi melted one deduces from the heat of the zuppa/soup. This lead me to scroll over no less than 6 different recipes, a google translation for Pappa al Ppmodoro since I just wasn’t having it being called Tuscan bread Soup when not one of these three words, Tuscan, bread or soup is in the title of dish & recipe. Oh Pappa translates as baby food, al – to the, and Pomodor – is tomato of course

Between Ina Garten, Bon Appetite and a few other’s I felt there was just too much going on in their recipes for Pappa al Pomodoro  for what I wanted to do to make this so I went at it – making it MY OWN! It is sO GREAT. EASY & fun to make in no time, plus, 4 basic, staple ingredients. A perfect recipe4survival.

First I went at, half a stale, Balthazar baguette, with a serrated knife cutting on a cutting board, cutting it into irregular cubes – paying no mind to removing the crust.

Then I brought at least 4 cs of water to a boil in my kettle to pour onto a veg bullion cube in a mixing bowl.

I diced up 1/2 a lg onion, a bit of carrot and sliced up a good sized garlic dent. I got these vegis cooking in a heavy bottomed pot with enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pot & a good pinch of Salt of D Earth over a medium flame. I put a top on the pot to help the vegis sweat. Once they were at the desired tenderness I tossed the stale bread cubes into the pot and tossed to coat everything uniformly.

With the bread nicely coated with the oil & vegis I added 3 cups of the vegetable broth to the pot, covered it, stirred it frequently and turned the heat way down.  At this stage you’ll wanna stay around the pot to stir it occasionally.

Once all the broth is absorbed and the bread has softened I poured a 25 oz bottle of Union Market’s tomato basil ‘sauce’  into the ‘mix’/the pot. I stirred a pinch of dried red chili flakes in, some oregano and a bit more Salt of D Earth and I let this simmer over a low eat for a good 10 minutes.

This is when I also put a 4 minute egg. I ate one bowl plane, straight away with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan, Pappalpomodoro1the second bowl I had with the soft boiled egg. pappalpomodoro2Then I got down to writing this piece.

Killer meal on a cold night with a cold crisp Sauvignon Blanc.


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